Housing Assistance Payment

If you are homeless and registered with one of the Dublin Local Authorities, you can apply to the homeless section of your local authority to access Housing Assistance Payment *You must be residing in homeless accommodation and be registered as homeless with one of the Dublin Local Authorities

1. Be assessed as having a housing need by one of the four Dublin local authorities – (DCC, Fingal, Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown, South Dublin) their place on the housing waiting list should not be deferred/postponed/cancelled etc. 2. Be registered as homeless. (have a PASS ID) 3. Be approved for the Homeless HAP Scheme by your local authority. (CPS)

Dublin City Council
Telephone: 01 2226955

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
Telephone: 01 2054700

Fingal County Council
Telephone: 01 8905090

South Dublin County Council
Telephone: 01 4149364

HAP is a social housing support that allows you to work and or attend training and education. You pay rent to the local authority that is affordable and based on your income. The local authority pays your landlord the market rent.

Below is a list of the rent limits for household types across the Dublin Region:

Housing Assistance Payment HAP

Housing Assistance Payment HAP (pdf 554.17 KB)

Download pdf

The Housing Assistance Payment office will work for you to:

  • Fast track your application to ensure that the new tenancy starts as soon as possible
  • Arrange to pay the deposit for a property on your behalf to the landlord/agent
  • Pay one month’s rent in advance on your behalf to the landlord/agent
  • Arrange to pay the monthly rent in advance to your landlord/agent each month
  • Arrange for a support service called Support to Live Independently (SLI) to visit you in the first weeks/months of your tenancy to make sure everything is going smoothly
  • If you have a key worker, your key worker can discuss your housing needs with the Dublin Place Finder team for consideration when properties become available.

How does becoming a Housing Assistance Payment tenant affect your application for social housing in Dublin?

When you become a Housing Assistance Payment tenant you are in receipt of social housing support and are no longer homeless. You remain eligible to apply for other social housing options. Your time to date on any of Dublin’s social housing waiting list is not lost. It continues to build and your application is registered on the social housing transfer waiting list of your local authority. This does not affect your right to receive offers of social housing as they come up in your area of choice.

Further Information

*You must be residing in homeless accommodation and be registered as homeless with one of the Dublin Local Authorities

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