Accommodation for families

We are currently dealing with an unprecedented demand for emergency accommodation across the Dublin region. We are committed to providing suitable accommodation to families with children who have lost their tenancy in the private rental sector.

We are now in the process of opening new family accommodation hubs across the Dublin Region to support the families that are in hotels.

Family hubs are an important first response for families who become homeless and who have no alternative other than commercial hotels. The hubs will provide more appropriate and suitable accommodation for families. They are not the long term housing solution as families will move into houses and apartments that will be provided under social housing supports, as supply becomes available.  This type of emergency accommodation provides a secure and stable placement for families on an on-going basis unlike the insecurity of hotel accommodation especially during peak periods and holidays.

Services to be provided

The use of commercial hotels for families is unsuitable and the new family hubs will have the capacity to provide play space, cooking and laundry facilities and communal recreation space. Other supports will also be available for families as they move on to other housing options, when they become available.

Standards and regulations

All hubs will adhere to current building standards and there are strict quality controls in place to ensure that all facilities are fully regulated with regard to fire and disabled access requirements. There are also space standards in place that have been developed with the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government. Accordingly, support spaces (dining, play areas etc) are designed in accordance with the number of occupants that will reside at the premises.


Dublin City Council will have overall responsibility for family accommodation and an experienced service provider will have responsibility for onsite operation and day to day management. 

Target Group

Family accommodation hubs will provide supported accommodation for families with children who are currently homeless. All families will be referred via the Dublin Region Central Placement Service and where possible will have a local connection to the area, ensuring ease of access to schools and local services.  All families will retain their homeless priority on the social housing list and will be allocated a house / apartment when it becomes available.