Homeless Accommodation Inspection Reports

As part of the DRHE’s commitment to continually improve of the quality of services available to families and single adults experiencing homelessness, Dublin City Council has engaged an independent contractor for the delivery of a Homeless Accommodation Inspection Service at centres within the Dublin Region.

The inspections form part of the overall National Quality Standards Framework developed by the DRHE, under the guidance of a multi-agency steering group in 2014. The DRHE uses quality standards to ensure all service providers are clear in their responsibility to deliver safe, effective and consistently high standards of services.

The Homeless Accommodation Inspection Service will undertake more inspections, with reports to be published on www.homelessdublin.ie on a quarterly basis.

Independent Inspectorate Q4 2022 Reports Part 1 (pdf 13.11 MB)

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Independent Inspectorate Q4 2022 Reports Part 2 (pdf 13.34 MB)

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