Crosscare - Are you homeless or worried about losing you home?

Crosscare have developed an easy to follow guide on direct access services and supports for those at risk of or experiencing homelessness. The guide contains contact details and a brief description on a range services and supports available to those at risk of losing their home or those who have become homeless. Crosscare has identified that homeless people, and in particular those facing homelessness for the first time, can be overwhelmed by the range of services they need to access to get help. In some cases, families and individuals entitled to support have spent more time in chaotic crisis or sleeping rough than necessary due to a lack of basic information. In some instances, homelessness may have been prevented by timely referral to the most appropriate service or support. This guide aims to be a tool to support access to these relevant supports and services. It is primarily aimed at those who come into contact with people who are at risk of homelessness.

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Caranua Application Deadline - August 1 2018

Caranua (the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund) which is an independent State body, established by the Minister for Education and Skills which operates under the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund (RISF) Act 2012. The Fund that Caranua was provided with to manage is a needs led fund for survivors who are eligible to apply for funding for support services. As per the legislation that Caranua was established under, the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund, only survivors who have received awards through the Redress Board, Irish courts or settlements with religious congregations can apply to Caranua. Now, as the limited Fund that was provided to support survivors decreases, the work that Caranua was established to carry out is nearly complete and the Board of Caranua have announced that Caranua requires survivors who want to apply for funding supports from Caranua must complete and return an application form to apply for services by Wednesday 1st August 2018. For your information please find below a link to the announcement by the Board of Caranua

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