I am not an Irish Citizen and I need support

If you are from the European Economic Area or any country outside Europe, but are not an Irish citizen and you are homeless, you can contact the 24 hour Freephone 1800 724 724 and will be provided with an emergency response/ temporary accommodation on a one night basis.

You will then be required to present to the New Communities Unit/or your local authority (depending on your residency status/length of time in country) to further discuss your support options. Your local authority will confirm whether you are eligible for social housing supports, more information here.

If you are not eligible for social housing supports, please contact the New Communities Unit, 77 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 on 01 6732030 or call into the service Monday to Friday 10am to 11:30am / 2pm to 3:30pm

Support Services

Crosscare offer an information and advocacy service and will help to guide and support you in terms of understanding what your entitlements may be in terms of social welfare and accessing temporary accommodation.

Crosscare, 2 Sackville Place, Dublin 1

Tel: 01 8732844
Web: www.crosscare.ie

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI)

MRCI provides information, advocacy and assistance on social welfare entitlements. The resource centre offers a frontline drop in service, and a phone and email service to assist with queries nationally.

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 55 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

Tel: 01 8897570
Email: info@mrci.ie

Telephone 1800 724 724

24 hour Freephone