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Finding a place to live

When you are looking for somewhere to rent you need to think about how much it will cost, what deposit you may need to pay and how much rent you will have to pay in advance.

Some of the costs that you should take into account before you sign a lease.

  • How much is the rent
  • How much is the deposit and what are the conditions of its return to you
  • What are the Waste /Bin Charges whose responsibility is it to pay these charges
  • How much are utility bills in summer and in winter (are these bills shared)
  • Are there other maintenance costs associated with this property
  • Are all the appliances working and in good repair.

Tenancy agreements and tenant's rights

When you find a suitable place and have paid the required deposits and rent in advance you will usually be given a tenancy agreement/lease agreement to sign before you move in. This sets out the rights and responsibilities that you and your landlord will have during the tenancy. You should check this document carefully before you sign it.

For more information regarding lease agreements see

Local Authority Housing

Dublin City Council has several schemes that can help you to get a permanent home, if you are unable to afford one on your own. For example, you could apply for Local Authority Housing (on which you then pay rent).

To find out if you are eligible to apply for Local Authority Housing please contact:

Tel: 01 2222203
Fax: 01 2222030

Voluntary Housing

Housing associations, sometimes called "voluntary housing associations" or "voluntary housing", are independent non-profit making organisations that provide rented housing for people who cannot afford to buy their own homes or special groups, such as older people or homeless people.

To be housed by a housing association, you must be registered on your local authority housing waiting list and there may also be an income or means test. Housing association tenants have basically the same rights as local authority tenants, however, housing association tenants do not have the right to buy their homes.